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Reimagining the process of creating contracts online. My responsibilities included designing the new look & improving the experience of crucial features.


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One problem with creating contracts is that they require a lot of knowledge and effort. This can be time-consuming, especially if you are not familiar with the legal process.

Another problem is that it can be expensive to hire a lawyer to draft and review a contract. Of course, both of those things can take a lot of your time.


Service that offers hundreds of most useful contracts & agreements templates that are super easy to customize and share, making it easier for businesses to find the right agreement and understand what they need.

Goal 1

Explain to users their needs

Goal 2

Feeling of trust and future security

Goal 3

Seamless customizing experience

Goal 4

End goal: User purchase zthe template


Key point was to show the user people who are behind all the contracts and show how reliable the service is through short customer stories

It was also crucial that the contract customization process will be understood by people from a wide range of ages and industries

Business Client

70% of Users

Business clients typically have more specific needs and are often more price sensitive. They may also be more likely to need customizations or additional services. Usually, they are not newbies and they know what their actual needs are.

Stress Points

  • Unclear communication by the majority of services

  • Finding not up-to-date information online

  • The effort needed to fill in the contract properly.


  • Clear and understandable communication of the service, will make them feel they have found the right contract

  • A reliable source of information

  • Easy way to ask professionals for an advice

  • A way to effortlessly & quickly fill high numbers of contracts

Current Solutions

  • Doing some off-site research and using the service only to download the template

  • Hiring a lawyer to consult all details

  • Making extensive research

  • Asking the question somewhere online

  • Using programs like Microsoft word to manually type in all the detail, with a single contract it’s nothing, but not with 100s

Personal Client

30% of Users

Personal clients are looking for a simple template rather than one with tens of additional features. They usually have a specific contract in mind that they need for a personal matter.

They may need a simple contract for a loan, a will, a prenuptial agreement, or something else. Once they find the right template, they will likely purchase it and have it ready to go.

Stress Points

  • Uncertainty about what would work best for them

  • A feeling of confusion while researching their options

  • Problem to trust contract found online


  • Easy way to ask a question to a professional

  • Service with clear explanations of different situations and what works best in each case.

  • The feeling of trust from a website

  • Explanation of each aspect of their situation

  • Ensure that there is protection against the consequences of a wrongfully written contract

  • Service made me an industry-know professional

  • Get to know the people responsible for the contract they are going to use

Current Solutions

  • Consultation with a professional e.g. a lawyer

  • Doing their research, yet still unsure if they are going with the right option.

  • Using the template we found as a starter for a custom contract

  • Reading reviews about the service


Page where users can get information about contracts and download it for free. We charge the user only when he/she decides to use the customization feature.


No account or personal details are required to start. The whole process of customization is extremely clear, highlighting the current gap we are filling, an experience one of its kind. Currently, we distinguish 7 options of data input:


After successfully customizing the template, the checkout appears. As for the stripe option in near future, it will be replaced since just the stripe logo is not telling anything to ordinary people. The goal was to create a super clean and secure process

The Result

JuraRat's website refresh project resulted in a significant increase in unique monthly users and higher conversion rates. The new design also reduced the bounce rate and improved user trust. Overall, the project was successful in improving JuraRat's online presence and providing better services to users.

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